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Some soup inspiration from the January Advisors team

Perhaps your winter has been similar to ours - getting chillier and interrupted by the occasional illness. A soothing comfort for both cold weather and cold-occupying heads, no food provides that deep-warmth-inside-body feeling quite like soup. With so many ways to ladle out a bowl, soup is also a perfect dish to share with friends and family.

Here are some of the favorite soups we've had the pleasure of making or consuming this season. We hope they inspire you to enjoy a soup soon!

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Kale Soup with Potatoes and Sausage

From Gerard

Best served with a crunchy baguette.

A spicy chorizo adds some heat to this delectable soup.

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Veggie Soba

From Emi

A quick and easy go to for when I want something to warm me up, stat.

Toss some soba noodles in a dashi base with a variety of cooked veggies. My favorites include mushrooms, simmered squash, and yams.

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Butternut Squash Soup

From Carly

This fall classic works equally well in wintertime.

Though the plain soup speaks well enough for itself, feel free to spruce it up with some black pepper and a sprig of rosemary.

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Vegetable Maafé Soup

From David

This West African peanut stew brings home all the cozy flavors you need to get warm after walking your dog in the bitter cold: peanuts, ginger, sweet potatoes, a spicy scotch bonnet.

And it's vegetarian! Serve with rice or eat on its own.

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Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)

From Taylor

A korean hot pot dish with mandatory american cheese.

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Tuscan White Bean Soup

From Brian

Kale, Rosemary, and Lemon Thyme from my garden. Chicken stock from the one time a year I make chicken noodle soup to keep in the freezer in case of illness.

Best served with homemade sourdough and good olive oil. Mmmm.

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Lentil Soup

From Jeff

Few dishes achieve the trifecta of comforting, hearty, and nutritious quite like lentil soup.

With so many types of lentils and supporting-ingredients to add, you have no excuse to not try a new lentil soup soon.

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From Shannon

A Christmas Eve staple in our family, nothing warms the belly and soul like a shrimp and sausage gumbo!

It's all about the roux, but charred andouille, okra, and shimp also star.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

From Kelsey

The day after thanksgiving we always make soup. Just take your turkey carcass, put it in a pot, fill it with water, let it simmer the entire day (or however long you’d like) while skimming off fat, and add salt to taste.

You can eat it with whatever you like, but we like to throw in some somen noodles, green onion, leftover turkey, and sometimes lao gan ma.

That's it! Those were all of our soups.

Did our ideas delight? Or make you doubt?

We hope you are inspired to try a soup of your own. Happy souping! :)